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PDF Reader Download
Adobe® Reader® 6.0 is free software that lets you view and print Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files on a variety of hardware and operating system platforms. This new version of the familiar Adobe Acrobat® Reader provides a host of rich features that enable you to:

Submit Adobe PDF forms that are created with fillable form fields in such applications as Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional and Adobe Form Designer
1. Play back a variety of embedded multimedia content, such as QuickTime and MP3 files
2. Read and organize high-fidelity eBooks
3. Activate search and accessibility capabilities built into your PDF files
4. Display Adobe Photoshop® Album slide shows and electronic cards and export images for online photo processing (online photo services vary regionally)
Note: Adobe Reader cannot save
filled-in PDF Forms. You need
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Professional
or Adobe Form Designer to save
these files.
PDF Mailer Download
Note: PDF Mailer cannot save
filled-in PDF Forms. You need Adobe
Acrobat 6.0 Professional or Adobe
Form Designer to save these files.
PDFMAILER helps businesses and organizations cut postage and mailing expenses for letters, invoices, advertisements etc. at least by 50% ...

Send all your correspondence with PDFMAILER!
With the free, ad sponsored PDFMAILER Promotion , you can write E-Mails as PDF attachments with the "print" job command in Windows. It's as easy as sending a computer fax, in color quality, the way it appears on your screen. The PDF-format can be displayed on various computer systems.

Using your favorite desktop program to create a PDF E-Mail attachment makes you more efficient and productive - without having to go to your usual E-Mail Client. PDFMAILER's automatic production and storage capability is a real advantage in creating documents even faster. Use PDFMAILER for more rapid information flow, without sacrificing document quality.

High speed via E-Mail - instant reception
E-Mail-technology is developing in leaps and bounds. The advantages of E-Mail are evident: hardly any other medium lets you reach your clients faster, safer and more independent. With a mouse click, your message can easily be distributed, availing itself to the unlimited use of all stored addresses in your E-Mail program.

Professional format for your E-Mails
An E-Mail is not the same as a letter or Fax sent via regular means. E-Mail is adaptable! The recipients can alter attachments. Undoubtedly, not always desirable. With PDFMAILER your data is safe, no worry about unauthorized and undesirable alterations or changes.

ScreenPrint32 Download
ScreenPrint32 is free to register for home/personal use with no
functionality removed.

Click Here For Instructions on
Configuring ScreenPrint32

ScreenPrint32 allows you to print and/or capture to disk or clipboard, the full desktop, active window, predefined area, or user selected area of the screen. Add user defined headers and footers with date and time stamps etc, resize the printed image, convert to greyscale or negative image, fade or resize the image to reduce toner/ink usage, print by default to any available printer. It can be set up to be completely transparent to the end user.

Capture a screen area and paste directly into your documents. Easily configured with user specific or global settings which are persistent after reboot.
Images may be saved to a user selected folder in either GIF, BMP, JPG or PNG formats with user configurable file naming.

ScreenPrint43 Download
Click Here To Get The .exe file

Want to create a screenshot suitable for saving or printing? Then just hit a key on your keyboard. Oh yeah, you'll have to download this program first.
There are several hotkey combos to choose from (PrintScreen is the default). Once you've chosen your favorite combo, head to the Destination tab and have the screen print out instantly, copy the capture to the clipboard, save it to a specific folder, or even send it through e-mail. You can perform full screen captures, or only capture a specific window.