New Camera keychain fits in the palm of your hand

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Keychain devices can provide emergency features, take your picture or recharge your electronic devices whiile they are keeping your keys in place

Melissa Guillergan

The Bodygard 5-in-1 MultiFunction Emergency keychain can help you escape a vehiclerelated emergency with features like a seat belt cutter and door glass breaker.

A Camera keychain is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is great for capturing pictures on the go.

The keychains on the market today have the ability to do more than simply hold all of your keys in one place, open a bottle, or act as a miniature flashlight.

Some keychains have life-saving features while others serve as handy gadgets to help charge an iPod or to record short videos.

Here are some keychains that do more than just keep your keys in place:

Bodygard 5-in-1 Multi-Function Emergency Tool Keychain: One of the most well-rounded and functional keychains in the market today is the Bodygard 5-in-1 Keychain from Swiss+Tech. Don’t let its size fool you. Although it is just 1.75-inches wide and three-inches long, the Bodygard could save your life.

The two most significant emergency features of the keychain are the seat belt cutter and door glass breaker, which could help you quickly escape a fire, accident or submersion emergency. It can also assist you with helping someone else who may be in a vehicle-related emergency. The Bodygard also comes with other essential tools including a bright red light distress flasher, an LED flashlight and a sonic alarm that could help ward off potential attackers when walking to your car. The Bodygard 5-in-1 Keychain is available at for $22.99.

Solar Charger Keychain: The Solar Charger Keychain can recharge your mobile devices using solar energy. It is a great key chain for those always on the go who are heavy users of cell phones or portable MP3 players. The keychain can be charged with solar energy, a USB cable or A/C Adapter.

The complete package comes with everything you need including five different types of cell phone device connectors, ranging in brands including Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia. A device connector that would fit your particular cell phone model and brand can be purchased at local cellular retail stores.

The Apple iPhone3G has a Solar Battery Recharger Phone Keychain that does the same trick. The Solar Charger Keychain can be purchased for about $35 and is available at (

Keychain Cameras: Keychain cameras are small enough to fit in your pocket, typically measuring three-inches by two-inches. There are keychain cameras on the market that can take 2,560-by-2,048-pixel still images. Others have the ability to record up to 120 seconds of video.

They typically run on a single AAA battery. Reviews of keychain cameras vary, especially regarding the quality of photos they produce.

If shopping for a keychain camera, put in the extra money to get one that produces higher quality images.

Keychain cameras are also great for mobile webcams, which are handy for backpackers and travellers who want to stay in touch with friends back home.

Keychain cameras are available at various retail stores including Canadian Tire and range in price from $40 to $70, depending on the quality of pictures they produce.

Melissa Guillergan works for the Laura Ballance Media Group and loves looking for those Missing Parts that manufacturers fail to install in your ride.

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