BosaSPACE at University district in Surrey: Transform Your Condo Space

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


The buzz and momentum have been building for months. Finally came the grand reveal. Bosa Properties has now officially launched BosaSPACE: a new lifestyle concept at University District in Central Surrey. On opening day, speculation ran wild about what was waiting behind the doors to University District’s two display homes, but when those doors opened, there was a collective gasp of surprise… and delight.

It’s no idle boast when University District lays claim to being a “world first in condo living.” This 35-storey residential tower truly is something new and fresh — homes that can almost magically turn a cozy one-bedroom into a social hub able to effortlessly accommodate a sit-down dinner for eight or more than a dozen sports fans for the big game.

Un-Real Estate

At first glance the BosaSPACE concept might appear to be a stylish re-interpretation of the traditional Murphy bed, sliding walls, and multipurpose furniture long considered the foundation of flexible, compact living spaces. But that’s where the comparison ends, because in a BosaSPACE, these features are actually innovative, fully integrated transformers—an interconnected network of elements able to transform your space.

Both show homes represent an identical one-bedroom suite-one by day, the other by night. However, it would be tough to imagine two spaces with more different personalities.

In the morning, the centre island makes a great place to hunker down with an espresso and breakfast. Got some paperwork to catch up on when you get home from work? Easy. Slide out a hidden section, and presto you’ve got a workstation with built-in USB port and power outlet.

Intelligent Spaces

“It’s an ever-increasing challenge to design liveable homes that are still affordable,” acknowledges Daryl Simpson, Bosa Properties’ vice president of sales and marketing. “Rather than cut back on the quality of the materials we use, Bosa has always made a choice to focus on making homes that work better. It’s not about any single piece of built-in furniture or one sliding wall, it’s about incorporating elements that act in concert.”

He points back to the night suite’s long table. “For example, it’s wonderful to be able to be able to have eight people for a sit-down dinner, but what do you do with the chairs? We sourced the best looking, stackable chairs we could find and then incorporated an in-suite storage area designed specifically to fit them.” The result? Balanced perfection.

University District is located at 13409 – 104th Avenue in Surrey. Priced from $199,900 with most homes in the mid $200,000s. Presentation centre open for VIP previews. To book your private appointment, call 604.588.5795 or email [email protected].

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