Open House Seller/Realtor Instructions to put away their valuables
All Sellers should get written instruction sheet from the Realtor on preparing their homes for Open Houses, including putting away and locking up any valuables or keepsakes. Such letter should include some form of waiver or disclaimer that absolves the Realtor from any responsibility in the event "things" go missing.
For example:
"We the undersigned acknowledge having been advised by REMAX Crest Realty (Westside) to secure any valuables or keepsakes in a locked cabinet or other lockable location. In acknowledging receipt of such advice we hereby release REMAX Crest Realty (Westside) and its Sales Associate from any responsibility in the event any personal possessions are lost or stolen during any showings or Open Houses in our property."
It is also strongly suggested a sign-in Guest book to be obtained with the names and contact information of all Salespeople and clients who enter and view the premises.
For your information, in the event clients complain of such issues, the procedure is for them to file a Police complaint and notice of a claim to their insurance carrier. Do not provide any copies of lists of visitors to the client. Provide such a list only to police upon being asked to do so by the police.