Managing Your Telus Call Privacy & Security Features
Manage your nuisance calls with TELUS Calling Features

( - Whether it's a prank caller, a telemarketer, a persistent ex or an overeager relative, nuisance calls are a problem for everyone at some point. That's why TELUS has a wide range of Calling Features designed to help you enhance your privacy and security. So manage the calls you don't want with confidence instead of pretending you don't hear the phone when it rings.

Voice Mail
Don't miss calls again. Voice Mail will take messages while you're on the phone, online or away from home. You can listen to who is leaving a message with Message Monitor and access your messages from any touch-tone phone. With Enhanced Voice Mail, you can set separate greetings for different situations, schedule greetings for different times of day, add Voice Mail boxes for family members or combine your cell phone and home phone messages in one mailbox.

Call Display
Call Display lets you identify callers before you answer the phone so you can screen calls, see who called while you were away, store names and numbers and avoid nuisance callers. Call Display-capable equipment is required.

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Also, with Visual Call Waiting, you can see who's calling while you're on the phone and decide whether your call is worth interrupting.

  • Caller Reveal
    Used with Call Display, Caller Reveal prompts unknown callers to identify themselves. That way, you control who you talk to and when. You can accept the call or send the call to your Voice Mail.
  • Call Screen
    Call Screen is another great way to avoid unwanted calls. Select up to 12 numbers and Call Screen will route callers from those numbers to a pre-recorded message saying "The party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time." Your phone will not ring, and the screened caller will not be able to leave a message.
  • Do Not DisturbĀ®
    When Do Not DisturbĀ® is activated, callers will hear a message that you are not accepting calls at this time. You can select certain numbers to be able to reach you and an operator can assist a caller in case of emergency.
  • Call Trace
    Call Trace is a free service that provides legal evidence of harassing calls to your number. Police can find out who is calling you even if they've blocked their name and number.
  • Call Return
    You probably know it as *69, but Call Return gives you the last number that called your line. Charges are on a per-call basis.
These are just some of the ways TELUS is making it easier for you to protect your privacy and security. You can subscribe to these and other TELUS Calling Features online. Simply log in at and subscribe to the services you want!