Client Agreement - Lease Audit Report

Client Agreement- Lease Audit Report

In order to lay the foundation for our business relationship, the following are some guidelines for the lease Audit Report.

Preferred Lease Advisors

(Herein called the “Consultant”)

- and -


 (Herein called the “Client”)



 The fee for lease Audit is  $495.00 + GST. If extra work is required it will be discussed with the client before the work is started and agreed to by both parties.  Cheques are to be made payable to Preferred Lease Advisors.  Half of this amount ($265.00 includes GST) or the full amount ($530.00 includes GST) is due and payable upon the signing of this agreement with the full amount if applicable due upon completion of lease audit.


The consultant (Preferred Lease Advisors) agrees that any information given by the client will be treated as confidential information of the company unless specifically authorized by the client.  As such, the client agrees to follow the same guidelines for the consultant.


If at anytime either party wishes to cancel the agreement, they may do so with 24 hours notice. In doing so, all outstanding amounts up to that time period will be due and payable on that date.


The client agrees not to hold Preferred Lease Advisors liable for any actions or results for any adverse situations created as a direct result of a specific action or referral given by Preferred Lease Advisors. Any changes to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

Obligations of the Consultant

-         Provide a full and detailed Lease Audit Report covering the following:

-         Review all lease documents and advise to the best of the consultant’s ability the areas requiring revisions or amending with an emphasis on current and future cost savings.

-         Provide an explanation summary of each lease clause.

-         Provide information regarding target dates, notices, and how to proceed with the lease renewal.

-         Provide form letters pertaining to rent reduction, rent deferral, assignment or sublet of lease, lease renewal, building issues, and cost disputes.

-         Save the client at least the charge of the fee (based on future cost savings)

Obligations of the Client

-         Pay all fees to the consultant within 48 hours of execution.

-         Endeavor to present any conflicting views or complete information on the questionnaire provided.

-         Abide by the guidelines and regulations as set out by the consultant in order to act in the client’s best interest.

-         If required allow only the consultant to communicate directly with the Landlord or it’s acting agents.

-         Any further assistance claiming funds directly from the Landlord is subject to the greater of an hourly fee of $80 per hour or 20% of the savings.


This agreement made this _____day of ________________, in the year of 2005



PER:____________________ ( Sign Here)

Preferred Lease Advisors