Emergency dial 066 (similar to 911)

Free Calls while Roaming in Mexico using your US or Canada Phone


  • To call land lines, dial 011-52 and then the # (example, 011-52-624-172-6431)
  • To call cell phones, dial 011-52-1 and then the # (example) 011-521-624-166-6887
  • If calling a US number that is located in Mexico, dial 1 and then the full number, including area code (example, 1-213-555-5555)
  • These dialing instructions apply if you are calling from the US or Canada to Mexico, using a telephone with a US or Canada number, whether it is a land line, cell phone or Internet phone.

Calling U.S. Toll Free Numbers

Those wonderful folks at Telmex block access to toll free numbers in the United States, but if you must call your bank or your credit card company while down here there is a work-around

  • to call an 800 number, change the 800 to 880
  • to call an 888 number, change the 888 to 881
  • to call an 877 number, change the 877 to 882
  • to call an 866 number, change the 866 to 883

  • You still need to dial 001 before dialing your new toll free number, and this call will cost you money.

CALLING FROM MEXICO - Locally & back home

  • To call from Mexico to a US or Canada land line or cell number, please use the (Vonage Line #1 on any suite phone) in the suite & dial like you would normally dial a long distance call at home (example 1-800-555-1212). This is a free call if you are calling to the US or Canada. If you are calling an international number, normal long distance charges apply & we will bill your credit card at a later date. Please refrain doing so or use your calling card. The logistics to follow up at a later date are very time consuming.
  • To call from a local land line (Line #2 on any suite phone ) to a local cell (example 044-624-166-6887) This is considered a long distance call. You will be charged 50 cents per minute for this type of call & we will charge your credit card at a later date. Please refrain from making these type of calls from the land line.The logistics to follow up at a later date are very time consuming.
  • To call from a local cell phone to a local land line number, just dial the local seven digit number (example 172-6431) – the cost is about 30 cents per minute
  • To call from a local cell phone to another local cell phone dial (example 044-624-166-6887), the cost is 30 cents per minute.
    To call from a local land line to another local land line just dial the seven digit number (example 172-6431) The cost is free & included in your suite rental.
  • Please note; if you are using your Canada or US cell phone to call home, the costs are approx $3.50 per minute.
  • Telephone Communications in Mexico
  • Telephone Instructions From The Gringo Gazette
  • Southern Baja Online Telephone Directory

PS - Our Suite Numbers in #402 Villa 4 are;
778-786-8739 - Suite Vonage number Line 1 (from Canada or US - 1-778-786-8739)
172-6431 - Suite number Line 2 (from Canada or US - 011-52-624-172-6431)
044-624-166-6887 - Cabo Personal Cell ( from Canada or US - 011-521-624-166-6887)


If you plan to be in Mexico for some time, a suggestion is to pick up a local cell phone from "Telcel" the local carrier. You can pick up a cheap phone for $50 including 200 minutes of air time. You can buy additional minutes at most grocery stores. They cost approx 30 cents per minute and you can buy them in $20, $30 & $50 denominations. The bonus is that all incoming calls on that cell are FREE - the caller pays for the call. Outgoing calls cost 30 cents. To call Canada or US from the cell is about $1.50 Dollar per minute but still a lot cheaper than using your US or Canadian phone at $3.50 per minute. Please note, when calling a Mexican cell phone from the US or Canada, there is the normal long distance charge + a "Mexican sur charge" for the cell call. This additional sur charge is usually around 30 cents per minute & would be charged to your home account on top of the long distance charge.

Cell Phone Credits;
To check how many minutes or credits are available on your Mexican cell phone enter *333 then press send, to check available credit push 1, you will get an automated response in Spanish telling you how many pesos of credit you have.

Transfering credits from One Telcel to another telcel number

  • you can only transfer $100 pesos at a time to another number
  • You can only do 10 transfers per month
  • Instructions:
  • Create a NEW SMS message and enter 7873 in the SEND field.
  • In the message body field enter xxxxxxxxxx (the cellular number you wish to transfer the credit to) (plus a space) xxx ( and the amount you want to transfer, max $100 pesos- eg. 100)

    You will find payphones for long distance telephone calls throughout the Los Cabos area. Telemex or Ladatel phones require a Ladatel credit card in order to use them. These can be purchased at many grocery stores in 30, 50 or 100 peso values.

    Telmex local telephone company
    Telmex now has a toll free number, 01 800 728 4647, that you can call for assistance in long distance calls to the U.S.A. or Mexico. There are bilingual operators 24 hours per day. You can charge the call to your major credit card, your local company card or make a collect call. The toll free number to contact an ATT operator is 01 800 288 2872 or 001 800 462 4240. The toll free number to contact a MCI operator is 001 800 674 7000. For calls to Canada, the Canada Direct toll free number is 01 800 123 0200. If you dial long distance calls directly, your damage deposit will be held for up to eight weeks until the Telmex bill for that period is received.