Les started his Real Estate career on February 14, 1988 with a local company called Multiple Realty. In 1989, Les became an official member of the prestigious Medallion Club, a distinction reserved only for the top 10% realtors of the Vancouver Real Estate Board. He left Multiple Realty in 1990 and opened a new company called Reemark Realty which specialized in condo conversions by taking existing stratified rental buildings owned by one owner and selling them to individual owners. His business was a great success, selling an average of 250 units per year for the following 3 years. However, the market turned toward the end in 1993 and the condo conversion supplies dried up so the Reemark Office was closed down. Two years later, his creative marketing system and shrewd business decisions made him one of the 50 top producing realtors in the entire Lower Mainland and catapulted him to the Medallion "President's Club" or the Top 1% of all realtors. http://www.6717000.com/achievements.html  Incredibly, Les had reached a point where he was completing over 60 transactions a year- almost seventeen times more than the industry's average! It's a feat he's never failed to accomplish ever since, despite fluctuating market conditions, which can only mean two things in the end: to get consistent results like that, you have to be innovative and extremely efficient.

In 2000, Les launched www.6717000.com an interactive 7 map web site for over 1100 downtown buildings including Fairview, False Creek South & Kitsilano -  http://www.6717000.com/map_floors.html or video www.6717000.com/video . After that successful launch, a few years later in 2005 he continued with another revolutionary web site called www.vancouverfloorplans.com This web site has floor plans for over 350 downtown condo buildings and the floor plans are all attached to all MLS Listings. Check out the floor plan user video to see how this service works at; http://vancouverfloorplans.com/instructional-video.html Most recently (Dec 2011) Les launched www.bccondos.net This web site has over 5000 buildings on line for the lower mainland. It has MLS info, sale info, news articles, developers brochures, building technical info, common area  photos, Walk Score, HomeZilla and building & area rentals http://bccondos.net/city-vancouver-west - sample city landing page , http://bccondos.net/living-shangrila sample building link, http://bccondos.net/living-shangrila#rentals sample rental link. This site gets over 5000 unique visitors per day and growing.

With Les it doesn't matter whether you're interested in buying or selling an entire building complex or a one bedroom condominium, you're guaranteed the same quality of service regardless. So if you're thinking of making a move to or from Greater Vancouver, call Les Twarog today at (604) 671-7000 or, if you prefer, send him an to [email protected]

19880214日,Les与当地一家名为Multiple Realty开始了他的房地产事业。 1989年,Les成为奖章俱乐部的正式成员,此殊荣只颁发给前10%的温哥华房地产经纪人。 1990年,他离开了Multiple Realty,并开辟了自己新的Reemark房地产公司,专门从事公寓转换。帮现有的单一所有者的分层出租建筑物,出售给个别业主。他的公寓转换计划进行得非常的成功,3年平均每年销售了超过250个单位。然而,在1993年市场转向,公寓转换市场枯竭,造成Reemark办事处被迫关闭。两年后,Les的创意市场营销体系和精明的商业决定,他又重新成为一个在整个温哥华低陆平原(Lower Mainland)前50强的地产经纪,和总裁俱乐部的成员,这个只有百分之一的房地产经纪人会得到的殊荣。 http://www.6717000.com/achievements.html)令人难以置信的是,Les已经达到每年完成超过60笔交易,超过一般经纪的17倍!这是一个壮举。尽管地产市场不断的波动,他从来没有一年低于自己的标准。这只能意味着两件事情:你必须要不断创新和维持极高的效率。
2000年的时候,Les推出:www.6717000.com -超过1100个街市大厦的互动地图网站,包括了温哥华的Fairview区,False Creek South区及Kitsilano - http://www.6717000.com/map_floors.html或视频www.6717000.com /video 成功推出网站后,他在2005年又开发了一个革命性的概念网站www.vancouverfloorplans.com,这个网站上有超过350市中心的公寓大楼的平面图,这些平面图全部都衔接到所有的MLS的资讯。来看看这个网站怎么提供这个服务; http://vancouverfloorplans.com/instructional-video.html。最近(20111128 日)Les推出www.bccondos.net,这个网站拥有超过5000幢楼宇的线上资讯。它拥有 MLS信息,销售信息,新闻报道,开发商宣传册,楼宇技术信息,公共设施的照片,Walk Score分数,HomeZilla和楼宇和地区的租金资讯 - http://bccondos.net/city-vancouver-west -城市地区的登陆示范页面http://bccondos.net/living-shangrila高楼建设的示范链接,http://bccondos.net/living-shangrila#rental -出租资讯的示范链接。本网站每天获得超过5000个独特的访客连结和不断的每天增长。

不管您是有兴趣购买或出售的整个建筑或一个卧室的公寓,Les向您保证提供同等质量的服务。所以,如果您正在考虑的迁入或迁出大温哥华地区,请拨打+001-604-671-7000[email protected]