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Real Estats Assistant Training And Services

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Real Estate Administrative Training. Leave the training to us.

- Are you ready to make the most out of the Fall market?
- Think about your best year in real estate. Was it 2008? 2009? Now think about increasing your services and profits by 50%, 100% or even 500

Top-selling REALTORS® will tell you achieving this level of success is not something you do alone. You need a skilled assistant to support you.

Get the help you need.    
A properly trained real estate assistant frees you to focus on your highest-value high value activities ─ making listing presentations, looking for new clients, helping clients buy or sell property, negotiating and closing deals.

With an assistant, you delegate routine, time consuming tasks such as organizing appointments and paperwork, marketing and public relations, home staging, pounding in lawn signs and document management.

A qualified assistant helps increase your efficiency, reduce your risk and mitigate liability.

The Professional Real Estate Assistant (PRA™) Training Course
PRA™ Training is a two-weekend (six-day) program which trains real estate assistants to be productive and organized.

It’s designed for new hires and current assistants, front end personnel, conveyancers, and new licensees wanting to have a solid foundation of real estate administration. The course has been reviewed by industry experts and is taught by the founding REALTOR® with close to two decades of experience. It includes:

  • An introduction to organized real estate, legislation and regulation.
  • An Introduction to forms and files, day-to-day systems and office operations.
  • Marketing, including planning, consistency, as well as rules and limitations.
  • Managing the listing and the sales process.
  • Completion of the real estate sales cycle.

Classes start: September 16, 2010 in Vancouver.
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Is your time better spent on activities with an earning power of $200 per hour or $20 per hour? How much will it cost you to step out of your business to train for a $20/hr position that may or may not work out?

Who can benefit from our course?
- A great hire you’ve been thinking about
- Real Estate Assistants both new and experienced
- Front line office personnel and conveyancers
- New REALTORS® wanting to get organized in their administrative foundation