Discount Program For Moving Your Service To Telus

Benefits for you:

  • Brand reinforcement - the gift is presented compliments of you.
  • Extended service with no effort – we help them with their move compliments of you.
  • A direct TELUS contact to help you and your clients.
  • Valuable gift which is FREE – the savings is hundreds of dollars and costs you nothing.

Benefits for your clients:

  • Peace of Mind - One less thing to worry about during their move.
  • Time savings – TELUS will proactively call the client to help with their move.
  • Savings - FREE gift worth up to $550.

Fulfillment Process:

  • TELUS will contact the clients that you would like to offer this ‘gift’ to.
  • Our sales team will reinforce your brand by informing your clients that this is a gift provided by your realtor (your name) and help them pick a package that suits their needs.
  • Arrange the install for their new services or discount their existing services.


  • TELUS doesn’t share information and we will respect the privacy of your clients. Please see attached privacy policy on my signature for more information.