RESAAS Services is bringing change to the real estate industry with cloud-based platform.

RESAAS (for ?Real Estate Software as a Service?) is kind of like Facebook and LinkedIn for real estate agents combined. It captures all of the communication features of a social media platform and empowers real estate agents with the depth of data typical of the Multiple Listing Service, that enables agents to knowledgeably present and sell listings of other agents. It?s a cloud-based social business platform specifically designed and configured for the real estate services industry.

By creating a social platform that integrates with Facebook and other existing networks, agents are able to exploit and extend their personal and professional associations, thereby creating a deeper client pool and adding value to the utility of the service for the agent. Members log in and see a stream of posts from fellow area real estate agents highlighting the most recently listed properties.

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Like a Bloomberg terminal - where everything in the stock market is in one place in real time - RESAAS unites Agents, Brokers, Franchises and MLSs in a single place.