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I am amazed at all the false facts about 100% financing that is rampantly spreading out there like a disease! 

Last week, I shared about excuses and I received a number of emails regarding one misconception: 

There will be no more 100% financing as of October  15th! 

Well, I’m here to tell you that I still offer 100% financing and will continue to offer 100% financing after October  15th! 

The product may have changed names but it’s still the same mortgage product that requires NO DOWN PAYMENT! 

There are also other benefits to this product:

-          Beacon score requirements are reduced from the current 100% financing product


-          More flexibility to previous credit blemishes, like a past bankruptcy, late payments and so on.


-          They also have lower insurance premiums


-          And so much more!!!


Everyone is scared by this past week’s financial woes?

Wouldn’t this be considered a low time to buy?

Ask yourself this question:  Would you buy a motorcycle in the summer or winter?

Think about the benefits of buying the motorcycle in the winter:

           -          More motivated sellers
 -          Buyers can bargain
 -          People will actually sell at a loss
 -          Sellers are in need of the funds
-          More sellers than buyers

Doesn’t this sound like the real estate market?

Granted the flippers are gone. There is no more quick buck

But the zero down investors---- INVESTORS!! Will profit in the long run when they buy in today’s cold market and sell in the future’s hot market.

So be the realtor who specializes in finding bargains for your clients and still be able to negotiate for a lower price.

Go contact your clients today, get them the bargains and let me complete the deal for you!!

Remember, when you send them to me your deal gets done because my service comes with a guarantee!