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Centum First Choice Financial Ltd.

Randolph Rigets AMP
General Manager
Mortgage Broker
Centum First Choice Financial Ltd.

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office  604-926-6011
fax      604-484-2122
toll free 1-877-264-4305
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The Mortgage and Real Estate markets continue to be in a state of flux
as banks tighten their credit policies making it even tougher to get a
loan.  Expect interest rates to go up as the shake-out of the  world
banks continues and the market finds its correct level.

It is tougher to get but it is not impossible if you have a creative
mortgage broker like me working for you Les

I know that, as a Realtor you may have deals that fall apart because of
buyers past credit history.

I can help both you and your buyer.

I specialize in helping people who have had credit problems in the past
obtain mortgages with low interest rates and minimum money down.

If you have a buyer who has been:
* Bankrupt or had credit problems
* Shows no income
* Is self-employed
* Has no down payment but equity in a property
* Unable to provide NOA's or tax returns
* "Verifiable" income does not service bank ratios of 32/43 ( WE MAY GO
TO 50%)
* 2009 is going to be a great year for Real Estate!