Residential tenancy info & News Articles
for BC tenants

    Residential Tenancy Info & Forms - Know your rights
  1. Metro Vancouver's apartment vacancy expected to shrink in 2010
  2. Rents rise in tight market
  3. Tougher rental rules in effect
  4. Affordable housing alternative if government participates can generate $500/mo apartments
  5. Tories shelve promise on leaky condos
  6. Vancouver Leaky Condo Crises Not over yet
  7. What's behind our rental crisis
  8. Condo Managers Must Be Licensed
  9. Investors beware when buying condos to rent
  10. As of January 1, 2004, changes to laws governing BC's rental community
  11. Rents increase as apartment vacancy rate falls in Vancouver
  12. New rental rules will hurt seniors, students and poor,
  13. Buy-to-rent investors must watch by laws
  14. Canada's priciest rents found on Robson, Bloor
  15. Vancouver residential vancancy rates are near 8%
  16. Rent-to-purchase agreements - doc.
  17. Strata data battle - doc.
  18. New owners have bought a pet with a no pet policy - doc.
  19. Know your rights when buying strata property, ie. pets/rentals - doc.
  20. If you rent, remember you need insurance too - doc.
  21. Filed Strata Corporation Documents can be in wrong place- doc.
  22. Furniture & Accessory List For Furnished Suite - doc.
  23. Craig's list rental company for Vancouver Furnished & Unfurnished
  24. Will your buyer be able to rent a strata lot?
  25. Client Agreement - Lease Audit Report - doc.
  26. Lease Audit Questionaire - doc.
  27. Non Resident Buyers buying a rental Property
  28. New Residential Tenancy Laws changes as of Jan. 1, 2004
  29. Real Estate Property Rentals - Rental Agents for Downtown Vancouver