Business Listing - Info Needed by Realtor to Process a Business Listing - Doc

Info Needed by Realtor to Process a Business Listing

  • Equipment list with values and totals of equipment at bottom
  • Leasehold improvement list with values (total spent)
  • Copy of the financials, last 2 years
  • Copy of current lease, base lease amount, what term left, option period, $/ft, base amount, extra (CAM), demo clause
  • Taxes paid for current year or tax statement, total base lease amount
  • Maintenance fees & what does that include
  • Copy of all licences & permits including WCB, health, patio licences
  • Copy of menus (ie: lunch, dinner, liquor)
  • Copy of letterhead, business card, logos
  • Price list of services & other business related info
  • Number of parking stalls allocated for business – how much extra per month + is additional parking available to rent
  • Landlord/Property Mgr contact info incl: email, fax & cell phone #
  • Air conditioning (if applicable) Heat Pump, HVAC Systems? or Heating type, (gas, electric, forced air)
  • Power from hydro :  3 phase or single phase
  • Deliveries/Loading - front, back or both
  • Smoke Alarm (if applicable)
  • Alarm company contact name & account #
  • Sprinkler System
  • Signage (owned or leased – name of company)
  • Liquor sales dollar percentage
  • POS (Point of Sale) system type, number of terminals & printers
  • Total number of seats (breakdown of patio, lounge, bar)
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