Modena of Portico, 1425 W. 6th Ave., BC

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1425 W. 6th Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6H 4G5
No of Levels: 11, No of Suites: 91, Status: Completed , Year Built: 2000
MAP 4 - South False Creek, Granville Island & Pennyfarthing Area
Type: Freehold
Bldg # 172
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Modena looking south

7th & Hemlock
looking west, Siena
Tower & Concrete townhouses behind

Carrara entrance
looking north

Carrara sign

Carrara touwhouses
at 6th & Granville

Carrara townhouses
at 6th & Granville
with Tower behind
looking north

Carrara townhouses
on 6th looking east
with tower behind

Close-up Carrara townhouses on 6th
looking east

Close-up looking east on 6th with Verona

Commercial section
of Verona mid-rise
looking south
on Granville

Courtyard between
6th & 7th looking
west from Hemlock

Courtyard looking
south on 6th between Verona mid-rise
& Siena tower

Looking down
Hemlock to the north with Siena tower

Looking east on 6th
with verona mid-rise townhouses in front & Siena tower behind

Looking north on
Granville west side of Carrara townhouses & commercial section

Modena entrance
looking north

Modena entrance

Modena sign

Modena townhouses looking east

Siena entrance looking south

Siena entrance
looking west

Siena entrance
looking west on 6th

Siena sign

Siena concrete townhouses behind building with Verona behind on 7th
looking west

Siena concrete townhouses on 7th close-up

Siena townhouses looking east on 7th

Siena townhouses next to building on 6th

Siena tower back part of building looking north

Siena tower looking north with townhouses on right

Siena tower looking up

Siena Underground parking entrance on 6th

Townhouses 6th & Granville commercial secton of Verona
mid-rise looking south
on Granville

Townhouses on W 7th back part of 7th

Verona high-rise behind with commercial
in front looking east
from Granville & 7th

Verona mid-rise
looking north
6th & Granville

Verona mid-rise
looking north
on Granville

Verona sign

Verona tower & townhouses
to right on 7th

Verona tower looking west

Verona tower on 7th & Granville looking west