Cellphones, PDA & Lap Top brackets for cars

Friday, February 25th, 2005

Lowell Conn

RAM’s universal mounts hold GPS, cellphones and PDAs secure during shaky mobile conditions.

The company also manufactures a mount that will allow drivers to use their laptop computers on the go — not to mention an octopus contraption that will carry all of the above.

Each RAM mount uses the company’s patented solid rubber-ball-and-metal-socket construction.

The company even designs mounts that hold devices steady on motorcycles. Imagine tapping away at your PDA while driving your Harley through traffic. Now, imagine the white, shiny walls of the hospital they take you to after the inevitable accident.

Ideal for the clutter-averse, RAM mounts are the perfect afterthought for consumers who buy mobile gadgets only to discover they have no place to put them. See www.ram-mount.com.

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