Bordeaux 140 homes in a 23 storey tower at 4488 Juneau Street Burnaby by Solterra Group of Companies

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Bordeaux a showcase of iconic French design

Mary Frances Hill
The Province


What: 140 homes in a 23-storey building

Where: 4488 Juneau Street (corner of Willingdon Avenue), Burnaby

Developer and builder: Solterra Group of Companies

Residence sizes and prices: One-, two- and three-bedroom homes from 457 to 2,241 sq. ft.

Sales centre: 4247 Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby

Sales centre hours: By appointment

Phone: 604-294-8989

Three icons of French design have made an indelible impact on the interiors of Bordeaux, the planned community for Burnaby’s Brentwood neighbourhood from the Solterra Group of Companies. Vancouver interior designer Jade Kwok is such an admirer of the works of designers Pierre Balmain, Madeleine Vionnet and Olivia Putnam that she used their influence in her own work on the display suites at Bordeaux.

Kwok named the interior schemes of the residences slated for floors 16 and lower floors “Pierre” and “Olivia”, as tributes to Balmain and Putman (Putman is also an architect and scenographer). Visitors to the display spaces can tour either the Pierre or Olivia colour palettes, while levels 17 and above are fashioned in the Madeleine scheme in honour of Vionnet.

The one-bedroom suite features the Pierre colour scheme, dominated by black and light oak. Balmain, the scheme’s namesake, was a fashion designer who described his own dressmaking as “the architecture of movement,” according to Kwok, Solterra’s vice-president of interior design. She prizes Balmain’s work for its sophistication and boldness, qualities that inspire her in her everyday practice. “He definitely inspires me to think outside the box, to not be afraid of colours or the use of different materials. Sometimes we all have to challenge the [expectation] of the typical neutral coloured homes.” The effect of the Pierre scheme’s dark shades against light is indeed dramatic, thanks to black upper kitchen cabinets contrasting with lighter cabinetry at the bottom, “reflecting the balance of mixed use of materials, bold patterns and intricacy,” Kwok says.

 “We strive to design spaces that are classic, that will last year over year, but that also add that element of surprise. While the matte black cabinets can be dominating, they are softened by the warmth of the light wood cabinets and flooring.” In one bedroom in the two-bedroom home that showcases the Olivia palette, the simple moulding on the wall takes on a sculptural effect, a harder edge relative to the plush comfort of the rest of the room. “The geometric design effortlessly juxtaposes the softness of the rest of the design — silky linen bedding, ample plush pillows and the light white marble table lamps,” Kwok says.

She installed a sliding frosted glass panel bedroom door that can be closed or left open for a more spacious feeling.

“The design philosophy for Olivia is to combine the elegance and comfort of lines with extreme functionality,” she says. Meanwhile, the softer finishes and materials from this same scheme makes Kwok think of romance and luxury.

“The rounded-back dining chairs complete any space with style and graceful elegance, while reflecting in shape of the plush velvety metal lounge chair in the living room.”

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