Shannon Mews, 7101 Granville St., BC
7101 Granville St., Vancouver, BC, V6P 4X9
No of Levels: 14, No of Suites: 691, Status: Completed , Year Built: 2012

Type: Freehold
Bldg # 14


“The Strata Property Act allows strata owners and others authorized by owners to obtain copies of strata corporation records. While the posting of records may seem an effective and timely way for them to be available to interested buyers and others, these records are not public and licensees must not provide these documents, or access to them, to people who have not been authorized, in accordance with the Strata Property Act, to receive them”

Please see click here for the Real Estate Council Memo to Realtors regarding this matter. If you are a buyer and want Strata Minutes on a particular building that we have on file, please email us at [email protected] & let us know which building you want the info for.