Shannon Mews, 7101 Granville St., BC

7101 Granville St., Vancouver, BC, V6P 4X9

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BUILDING WEBSITE: Shannon Mews, 7101 - 7201 Granville. The historic, four-hectare property in Kerrisdale is being eyed for a massive condo development. The plan, by Wall Financial Corp., is to level two-storey rental townhouses on their Shannon Mews property at 57th Avenue and Granville Street in favour of rental and privately owned condo units in buildings four-to 14-storeys high.
The Wall Financial proposal will increase the number of residents from the current 340 to up to 1,600.
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Wall Financial Corporation (604) 893-7131
Perkins+Will (604) 684-5446

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Rezoning Application For Shannon Mews

Renderings of Proposed Shannon Mews redevelopment aim for civilized higher density

From Granville Street looking west to the mansion and “Block A”:

The rental units will be in the southeast building block (“Block B”) bordering Granville:

From 57th Avenue looking northwest at “Block C”:

From Adera Street and 57th Avenue looking northeast at “Block D”:

From Adera looking southeast at “Block E”:

From the middle of the complex looking northwest toward “Block F”

Finally, here’s a map to orient your view (block lettering corresponds to blocks captioned in the renderings):

Renderings for Wall Financial Corporation’s redevelopment of Shannon Estate (perhaps better known as Shannon Mews for the rentals on the site) were recently released with the developer’s rezoning application. The renderings are heavy on the leafy green landscaping, and a bit short on building detail, but they give a taste of the possible future for this large property at the edge of Kerrisdale, Oakridge and Marpole.

We’ve got the renderings, along with some detail about the planned development, after the jump…

Wall Financial is planning to have 891 total residential units in the new development, with 200 rental units and 691 units for sale. The site, bordered by Granville to the east, Adera to the West and 57th St. to the south, is a bit of an anomaly in the city with its sprawling gardens surrounded by low rise buildings.

As you might expect, they’re planning to restore the site’s beaux-arts mansion and formal italianate garden. And they hope to add two larger towers (one 13 and one 14 storeys), along with multiple mid-rise buildings dotting the property.

Busby Perkins + Will, the project’s architects, cite the Arbutus Walk (Kitsilano) and Barclays Square (West End) areas as precedents. We understand the comparison, although the locations make for very different living. Both Kits and the West End are far more walkable and urban than Shannon Estate.

That said, the renderings look rather civilized – with almost a campus feel. We’d prefer a bit more detail on the actual buildings, but that may come during the development application process – and we’ll be monitoring and reporting on any changes for the project